What the Experts are Saying

The Bodyworker's Muscle Reference Guide

"This book is a masterpiece." "This book is a significant contribution to the physical medicine field." "The book is presented in an informative, interesting mode, and its accuracy is evident." "I definitely recommend this book for every practitioner." by Marquetta K. Hungerford, Ph.D., Touch in Review section, Page 143, Massage Magazine, March/April 1998


I can't say enough what a great resource the Muscle Reference Guide has been to me in my practice especially when using TNMT. I love that I can go to one source for all the info I need. This book will also serve me as an acupuncturist because you have included the elemental characteristics for each muscle. My clients love to here how for instance their tight levator scapula relates to the metal element and how that relates to their tendency to metal type behaviors. Thanks again for such an indispensable book. Best," J.R.

"The Bodyworker's Muscle Reference Guide has become an integral part of my massage practice. It is an invaluable tool containing an extraordinary amount of information presented in a concise and easy-to-read format. I can now look in just one place to find the information for which I previously needed multiple sources and lots of searching. I cannot recommend the Bodyworker's Muscle Reference Guide highly enough to anyone who is serious about therapeutic bodywork." Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero, CMT, BMT, BI-NMT

"The Bodyworker's Muscle Reference Guide is an unsurpassed reference for training a person as a whole, creating balance and reason behind method." Laura K. Smith, BS Exercise Science, AFAA Certified Aerobics, Personal Trainer, & Weight Resistance Specialist - Fitness Director - Vail Athletic Club

"Your book is great!", Nancy Stover, American Institute of Massotherapy.

"Thank you so much for all the work you did on your books, they are really fantastic! I had some wonderful help during a session the other day using them and completed some work I've been striving to help a woman with and she finally had a release of her symptoms. So I'm real, real glad to have them for Horry Georgetown Tech. as well as for our own professional use in the office." Deborah Smith, Instructor - Horry Georgetown Tech. School

"Hello Craig,

Thanks for your quick response.  I have been practicing neuromuscular and sportsmassage therapy for the last 21 years here in the Atlanta area, and now own a Pilates and Yoga studio as well.   My associate loaned me your book that she acquired through another Pilates certification group.  Needless to say I was blown away.  I had access to all of that information for years, but not compiled into one piece.  Awesome job!" L.

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