Stress And Your Choices

Stress Shuts & Dumbs Us Down!

Loss of creativity, awareness, energy & higher brain function!

Logic becomes based on a very limited and restrictive world-view but appears"logical" none the less!

Stress is a chronic condition in our society today & most people believe that is their only choice. Few have ever experienced the effects of a constantly lower level of stress. So we live in the logic and world-view of the stressed mind. That means we see the world as a place of fight or flight. Scarcity and punishment seem logical. "Dog eat dog" appears to be the way it "is".

Not only is the stress hard on our health, but it keeps us from being able to think outside the box that created the stress in the first place - a vicious cycle.

When thinking about MountainHeart School, it is best to get relaxed & into an Alpha brain state to allow insight, inspiration & creativity into your viewpoint, attitude & choices!

Reducing stress is the most important job of the Massage Therapist - and we do it through touch, visualization & verbal skills here at MountainHeart School.

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 Brain Wave States

Stress also affects the brain waves produced by the brain. These waves indicate what type of functioning the brain is able to do. When we are in stress, we are in high beta, which is good for running from tigers, but not for building energy, creative thinking, or listening to intuition.

It has been shown that stress reduction & relaxation techniques move us more into Alpha & below. There we have better access to healing & creativity.

It has also been shown that the heart has a much more balanced rhythm pattern when we are in attitudes like appreciation & love.

(Click on the below chart to see in a more readable size)brainwavechart

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