Vision and Commitment

"I don't think I realized when I started school that I would come out knowing so much wonderful information.  If you are looking for a small and intimate school, this is it.  I felt so at home here as soon as I stepped through the door.  My personal growth and transformation has been so amazing during this time and I have this school to thank for helping me through this process." C.T.

We created MountainHeart to be a catalyst for global transformation and healing. We believe in a world of health, prosperity, peace, love, and fun! We know this is possible and we know our profession can help to achieve this goal one student, one client, one muscle, one spirit at a time. 

   We are committed to:

*Excellence and the highest quality training in massage therapy and the healing arts

*A dynamic and expansive curriculum and staff program

*Research and continuously upgraded classes

*Inclusion of all methods of healing as valuable

*Honor and respect for each other's diversity and learning styles

*Creativity and flexibility

*Being fully human and bringing heart into work intelligently, joyfully, and lovingly

*Personal responsibility

*Nurturing personal growth and self-love

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 Massage Therapy Education at it's Finest! MountainHeart School of BodyWork P.O. Box 575, 719 Fifth St., #1 Up Crested Butte, CO  81224 Neuromuscular, MindBody Therapy, Sports Massage, Instructor Training, Assessment Skills, Assisted Stretching, Spa Therapy, MindBody Therapy, Medical Massage, 5-Element Oriental, Acupressure, EnergyWork, Stress Release, Trauma Release, Communication Skills, Total Person Facilitation, and much more!