Financing School

Financing School at MountainHeart School of Bodywork

MountainHeart School has new Zero % and Low % financing fee payment plans that may work for you. Please talk to us about them. 970-275-1090

Download Student Financing WorksheetUse this link to download a form to help you keep track of the information you may need to prepare to get financial aid.

"When we get motivated and take action to do something we love, energy and creativity tend to flow!"

- Payment Plans:

Option A: The In School Class by Class option.

** NO Financing Fee!

10% Deposit required at enrollment.

Remaining 90% of each class due at the start of that class. 

Tuition fully paid by the end of classes.

Option B: The In School Set Payment Amount option.

** NO Financing Fee!

$1,000 Minimum Down Payment required at enrollment.

6 equal payments due the 1st of each month of school.

Payment = tuition minus the down payment.

Tuition fully paid by the end of classes.

Option C: The During School & After option.

** Low Financing Fee! (Beginning at 4%) See Example.

$1,000 Minimum Down Payment required at enrollment.

Equal payments due the 1st of each month based on length of plan.

Payment = (tuition + fee - down payment) ÷ months.

Tuition fully paid after the end of classes. (6, 12, 18, 24, 30, ... months).

Option D: The After School option.

** Low Financing Fee! (Beginning at 6%) See Example.

$2,000 Minimum Down Payment required at enrollment.

Equal payments due the 1st of each month based on length of plan.

Payment = (tuition + fee - down payment) ÷ months.

Tuition fully paid after the end of classes. (6, 12, 18, 24, 30, ... months).

Additional Options: For Options C & D.

- Make a larger than minimum down payment.

      This will decrease the amount of your fee and your monthly payment.

- Extent your plan time length an additional 6 months or 1 year.

      This will decrease your monthly payment.

      This will increase your fee by a small percent.

Additional Options: For Option D ONLY.

- Extent your plan start time an additional 1 to 2 months.

      This allows you to work a month or two before you start paying your loan off.

      This will increase your fee by a small percent.

Download 702 CMT Payment Plan Example

* All the payment plans work with a down payment, the bigger, the better - for you.

Down Payments Usually begin at Only $1000.

* Some payment plans have a financing fee applied to them.

* Fees are NOT interest, so they cost you less!

* The plans allow you to begin your payments before, during, or after school.

* The fees vary depending on how much time you take to pay them off and when you start paying.

* You pick the day of the month you want payments due. (5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th)

* Late payments are subject to a $25 per time fee.

* Fees, linens, oils, tables, books , posters, etc, are not included in tuition and payment plans.

* Students are qualified on an individual basis for the plans.

* Plans can be designed to fit your specific needs - examples are only examples. Let us know what your real needs are and we can design a plan for you!

* Please call & speak with Craig about which plan is best for you!

Here are a couple of stories about how students paid back their loans:

Many students are concerned about tuition, payments, loans, and their financial future.

Let me tell you a story about some past students. Both of these 2 students signed up for a payment plan that amounted to a down payment and a payment amount of about $7000. One was a man & one a woman. They both had set themselves up for a 2 year payment plan. That's about $280 per month payment. However, BOTH of them finished school & their situation changed for the better right away. This is common for our students because of what we do & teach here. The guy went straight to work and took as many jobs as he could (common in Colorado ski towns). He paid off the entire $7000 plus the interest in only 6 months & was DONE! The woman did the same, and when her parents saw that she was serious, they helped too! She also paid off the entire $7000 plus the interest in only 6 months & was DONE!

Let me give you some numbers to think about. If you go to a school that is worth going to AND they give federal loans, it could look like this: They will probably charge at least $10,000 in tuition if not more. (Sure, you could go to school for less, but in the long run, it will cost you way more.) If you set up a 10 year federal student loan, the payments will be low, but the overall cost of tuition will be $14000 or more. You will be locked into this payment for a long time. If you do what the 2 people above did, you will have a total tuition cost of less than $8500. If you stretched it out to 2 years after school, it would be under $9500. Now, we can keep our tuition lower because we do not have federal loans. Our classes will be smaller, more advanced, and more fun!

Loan Options:

- Loans from friends or relatives are usually very flexible, have low or no interest rates, and are easy for some people to arrange. They, however, are not available to everyone. Check these out first!

- Banks or Credit Unions: provide loans at better rates than some places. Banks have personal loans available at rates based on your credit rating. They will provide you with a set payment plan. Having a cosigner with a good credit rating will increase your chances of getting a bank loan. Your best opportunities will be with a bank that you or a cosigner has a relationship with.

- Your local bank or Credit Union: Apply in person.

- Scholarships & Financial Aid: The Associated Massage & Bodywork Professionals have some links on this web site for you to research. Many options do not apply to all schools, so talk with us about this.

CALL US FOR MORE DETAILS!! - It is always best to discuss this with us to get the clearest picture of the best way for us to help you!!

- Loan Options: We have several loan options for students that may work for you if the things listed here do not, please call us for information on these.

- Credit cards may have a higher interest rate, but are more flexible with minimum payments. They also often offer low interest rates for up to a year when you transfer your balance to a new card. They are also the easiest way to for some people to get a loan.

- Get Creative: We also know of people who have raised money for their education in a "futures" sort of way. They would sell massages in the future to clients, friends, family, etc. at a discounted rate (less than the going rate for professional massage therapy in their location) if purchased before the student completed school.

- Talk to Us !: Financing opportunities and payment plans change often. Call and ask us for the current information that we have. When we work together, we can find a way that works for you!

Remember, you can earn from $40 to $130 or more per massage in many places.

We also suggest you keep in mind a few simple figures when you are considering how you will be paying back your loans & payment plans. 

Check out these examples:

Massage Therapy - $40 per hour (a low average)

Massage Therapy - $40 per hour (a low average)

Borrowed for education - $7,000

Borrowed for education - $8,000

Paid back in massages = 175 massages

Paid back in massages = 200 massages

Paid back in 1 year = 3.5 massages / week

Paid back in 1 year = 4 massages per week

Paid back in 1.5 years = 2.33 massages / week

Paid back in 1.5 years = 2.66 massages / week

What other ways can you create for yourself to help more money flow more easily? Can you let go of some of your limiting reasons for not using money easily and create some new possibilities that work for you? Let us know what you dream up - we may be able to help you in ways you are not currently aware of!

We are here to help you!

Everyone who has fully committed to attending MountainHeart has made it work for them - one way or another!

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