Graduate Quotes

  "My classroom experience was full of laughter, wonder, learning and personal transformation. It has been the most enriching 6 months of my life." A.R.
  "This has truly been a life changing, empowering journey. I walk out of here prepared to practice in a career I love and with a greater awareness of myself and the things that will lead me to live a more fulfilling life!"D.B.
  "MountainHeart School is an excellent place to learn and grow, professionally and personally. I cherish my experiences there, and am looking forward to returning for more. The material and content is very sophisticated and at the fore-front of bodywork and massage therapy." S.B.
  "Last winter I researched Massage Therapy programs all over the western U.S. & after visiting about 18 of these schools, I chose MountainHeart School. I was especially impressed by the balanced presentation of both the spiritual & the scientific aspects of Bodywork & Transformational Therapy. I have also found the small classroom environment to be positive & supportive. I think the simplicity of life in Crested Butte & the peace of the surrounding peaks & forests are conducive to learning about the healing arts." K.R.
  "MountainHeart has helped me see my true potential and opened up possibilities I never knew were in me." W.L.C.
  "… I salute Craig's meticulous desire to meet my needs as a student of massage, respect my process of learning and provide an environment wherein I get regular massage!" M.M.
  "After countless hours of research in trying to find the massage school of my choice, I feel MountainHeart fits my description of an ideal school. I am privileged to be able to be taught massage therapy from such aware and flexible people." M.A.G.
  "The knowledge available at MountainHeart is vast. I've learned that massage encompasses more than just the muscles and the strokes you use. The connection between the therapist and the client is physical, emotional, and spiritual - this is a healing massage." T.S.
  "Craig (and crew) are phenomenal teachers. They inspire us in every moment - through positive talk and reassurance of the power and love that is needed in everyday life and for our future clients. They are what massage is about!" A.C.
  "Every day [at MountainHeart] gives many ways to fulfill my spirit's destination" S.L.
  "MountainHeart has helped me realize my potential as a massage therapist as well as a human being. The instructors have helped me to pave a road which will allow me to live my life helping others and be on purpose." S.J.

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