Comparing Schools

How does our curriculum compare?

  We have a very advanced curriculum here at MountainHeart.

  We teach you many things that most people learn only in advanced continuing education.

  All our teachers graduated from MountainHeart and are coached in advanced teaching skills.

  This makes our CMT programs a very integrated experience with student friendly flexibility.

  With our 702 hour CMT Program and our 850 hour CMT Program, you to enter the profession at the level of a more experienced therapist.

  Our graduates are very successful on their chosen path & love their education.


  There are many things to think about when you are looking for a massage therapy school. Here is a list of things to consider and compare as you look at schools. We suggest you number these items based on their importance to you and evaluate schools that way.

  • Cost per credit.
  • Is the location of the school in a healthy & inspiring environment?
  • Does the number of months in school fit for your personal schedule?
  • Quality of classes.
  • Will you have the skills to actually help people with the problems the come to you with?
  • Marketability of the skills you learn.
  • Will you have the skills to get the job you are wanting?
  • Are there enough hours of applicable skill to help you be competitive in the market place?
  • How well are the classes integrated with each other?
  • Are their ways for you to integrate your new skills & get qualified feedback?
  • Do you learn how to direct your studies towards the type of work that is most on purpose for you?
  • Do you learn skills that will help you retain & integrate the information you are studying?
  • Do you learn how to effectively communicate with you clients, both professionally & personally?
  • Is the learning environment fun, easy, and professional?
  • Are the instructors educated in the field of education?

•  TESTING: The MBLEx Exam is required by many states.

    National Average 1st Time Pass Rate: 74.5%

    Colorado Average 1st Time Pass Rate: 81%

    MountainHeart Average 1st Time Pass Rate: 90% !!

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