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bliss vert

Craig I just wanted to send kudos to you for the incredible program you put on. The depth and breadth of experience and knowledge base your students receive from MountainHeart is the best I seen in the numerous places I have lived. Congratulations on a wonderful program and the ability to send functional, skilled practitioners into the world and workplace.

Dr Mimi Chatwood
Sent with Love


"Hello Craig,

Thank you, I would LOVE for you to send people my way. For this season we are pretty much just having on-call staff; however, we our expanding our spa and renovating beginning November 1 and look to increase our staff quite a bit for next season (beginning 03/2015)- housing available. 

Ryan Pike [MHS Grad] is here, she is amazing, her quality of training, professionalism and approach speak volumes about your educational process. I had about 8 graduates from a school in GJ within the past 3 years and I truly try to steer clear --as their hygiene, education, and training lacks significantly with what we need at a high-end resort. 

I will absolutely lead people to you as well. 

If I'm in CB would I be able to come by sometime, just out of wanting to see you and the facility and if I can ever talk to a class about employment opportunities or send you a pamphlet for this upcoming season I would love to. (I mt bike in CB often :).

Thanks so much Craig and thank you for Ryan, she is a shining star :)




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Sujan Bryan [MHS Grad.] Cortez, CO. 970-237-3537


Dear Sir or Madam,

Ambere Cunningham [MHS Grad.] has worked with me at Two Rivers Chiropractic for one year. I have enjoyed working with her immensely. All my clients who have seen Ambere for therapeutic massage have returned to complete a treatment plan with her. Ambere has a broad range of therapeutic skills and educates the clients in stretching and rehabilitation choices. She is always on time, dependable and self motivated. I highly recommend Ambere Cunningham.

Sincerely,    Dr. Eileen Macfarlane 


Things are going great.  Building a business.  Intentionally got on the gondola with 5 other people.  To see if there would be an opportunity to hand out a business card.  And there was.  A person was talking about how she is "broken".  "It is possible that you are not broken and I would love to help you," I said.  And handed out a few business cards.  Thank you for everything!!!  Happy to be of service. 

Nechole Spale, L.M.T., C.H., C.I.  Emerald Mountain Therapeutics and Massage, LLC.  "Facilitating a Flow of Well Being"  970-846-9713,


Dear Craig,

I loved going to school at Mountain Heart. I still quote things I learned there. And I did achieve my dream of moving to Kauai and finding work as a massage therapist. I also feel I'm using my skill and training to benefit others no matter how small. It is rewarding. And having a professional skill has increased my earning potential. I remember as well on e of my fellow students giving me props for having the "courage?" to go to school at my age! IN my ancient 40's... LOL

Aloha   Colleen Rafferty,


Dear Craig,

I tell EVERYONE about MountainHeart and you- and how your program was the most amazing thing that has happened in my life besides being born - meeting people from other schools makes me realize how lucky I am - I would love to come and sit in on a few classes this spring! I am doing Mobile massage in the Vail valley - Kerry-Ann

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