Programs Calendar

CMT Programs Calendar

Summer - 6 Months Program May/June to November. Generally we begin on - or close to - June 1. Delayed Enrollment through June (call for details)

MtnHrt Cal. '19 Summer - 702

 Winter - 6 Months Program November/December to April/May. Generally we begin on - or close to - December 1. Delayed Enrollment through December (call for details)

MtnHrt Cal. '18-'19 Winter - 702

Calendars For All Programs:

All calendars are subject to change based on enrollment, CMT calendar, and student needs. Prospective students are encouraged to call to inquire about current schedules and to request schedules.

Class Times:

MountainHeart offers a weekday 6 month CMT program.

Each week:

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday Days:

 • Day classes:  - These classes are usually from 8:00 to 5:00.

Monday Afternoons & Friday Mornings:

 • Afternoon classes: - These classes are usually from 1:00 to 5:00.

 • Morning classes: - These classes are usually from 8:00 to 12:00.

*** This schedule allows students time to work part-time and/or enjoy the incredible beauty of our high country outdoor environment! ***


New Year's Eve & Day Thanksgiving

Memorial Day Labor Day

Independence Day Easter

Christmas Eve & Day

Completion Time:

Students have up to 18 months to complete their CMT Program.

Class Sizes:

Class sizes will vary between 4 and 20 students. All times and dates are subject to change based upon student enrollment

To request Information - CALL - 970-275-1090 Or Email
Text or after hours call: 970-275-1090            * School Catalog *
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