Certified Massage Therapy Program - 850 Hours

  MountainHeart offers one of the most current, comprehensive, and integrated Massage Therapy programs available. This program integrates the leading trends in massage therapy today; clinical neuromuscular therapy, somatic mindbody therapy, and effective Swedish massage. Our 850 Hour CMT program exceeds the current national average in massage therapy education in order to start the therapist at the leading edge of the profession.

All students begin at MountainHeart by completing our 702 CMT Program and then adding hours towards the 850 CMT by completing specific classes. This can be done during the 702 CMT or after as a graduate, or both.

 Located in a sports-oriented mountain town, our CMT program offers may ways for the student interested in sports to align his/her work towards spa and sports massage. All our courses will provide time and experiences to allow the individual student to address their own areas of interest as they integrate their studies during case studies and feedback times. No prerequisites.

 Note: This program more than prepares you for:

  - Colorado Registration

  - Testing: MBLEx

     (Our Grads are scoring higher than the Colorado & National Averages!)

  - Memberships: ABMP, AMTA

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 Why 850 Hours?

MountainHeart chose 850 hours of training in this Massage Therapy Program in

order to provide you with an adequate amount of information, experience, and

integration to be competitive in today's market. A survey showed that practicing

Massage Therapists averaged over 630 hours of training. The 850 hours allows you

to enter the job market without the usual integration time most new therapists find

necessary after they graduate. You are immediately able to serve your clients with

greater skill and a greater chance of positive results.

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Class List

Learning Strategies

Business & Marketing

Therapeutic Massage 1

Anatomy & Physiology 1

Therapeutic Relationships

Therapy Integration 1

Therapeutic Massage 2

Anatomy & Physiology 2

Assessment Skills

The Body Metaphoric

Anatomy & Physiology 3

BG BodyWork T-NMT 1

Therapeutic Massage 3

Therapy Integration 2

BG BodyWork T-NMT 2

Business & Marketing

BG BodyWork T-NMT 3

Assisted Stretching

Internal Organ Massage

Therapy Integration 3


Awareness & Transformation

The Language Of Relaxation

Transforming Trauma

BodyGuide EnergyWork

Aligning With Purpose

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