CMT Course Descriptions

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Please Note: Underscoring all the details of our classes is an environment of positive perspective, empowerment, transformation and fun! Students find learning easy and rewarding while opening to new potentials and perspectives that facilitate their healing and that of their future clients!

Note: Classes with * are only in the 850 CMT Program, but can be taken as electives by students in the 702 CMT Program.

Learning Strategies

LS - 32 hours - This course teaches students powerful strategies to be more effective learners. Through experiential super-learning techniques students are assisted in discovering their own learning style and how to make the best use of it. Then students learn strategies designed to enhance integration and embodiment of information. The focus includes strategies for the classroom, for test taking, and for studying outside of class. Students become very empowered, confident, optimistic, and self-motivated learners. No prerequisites

* Awareness & Transformation

A&T - 32 hours - This course helps the student explore and increase their intrapersonal intelligence and understanding of the process of healing. Students explore centering exercises and presence exercises.Students spend time discussing and/or being facilitated through the intrapersonal and interpersonal issues that students and massage therapists may face. Students learn inner exploration, and intuition techniques.  Prerequisites: Program enrollment or permission

Business & Marketing

B - 34 hours - This course provides the business, accounting, and record keeping practices needed to run a successful massage therapy business.  Students learn to use intake forms, soap notes, business plans, and marketing plans. Insurance billing is also covered. Prerequisites: Program enrollment or permission

Therapeutic Massage 1

TM1 - 44 hours - This course provides the basic understanding of Swedish massage and the skills needed to perform an efficient and effective 50 minute massage. Some of the topics covered are ethics, professionalism, draping, safety issues, oils and lotions, basic Swedish style, benefits of massage, and contraindications. Prerequisites: Learning Strategies or permission

Therapeutic Massage 2

TM2 - 44 hours - This course provides additional massage techniques for stress reduction and a variety of therapeutic applications. Topics covered include tissue preparation, cross fiber techniques, massage for injuries, hydrotherapy, lymph drainage, passive stretching, client homework, reflexology, unique session packages, and others. Prerequisites: Therapeutic Massage 1 or permission

Therapeutic Massage 3

TM3 - 48 hours - This course provides the skills of applying massage techniques for specific settings and populations. Topics covered include limited time massages, sports massage, on-site massage using a massage chair, massage for pregnancy, massage for the elderly, massage for toddlers and infants, massage for the challenged, dry massage, clothed massage and other techniques.  Prerequisites: Therapeutic Massage 2 or permission

Experiential Anatomy & Physiology 1

AP1 - 36 hours - This course provides the knowledge of anatomical terminology, the skeletal system, the myofascial system, and the integumentary system. Students gain a thorough and applicable understanding of anatomy ,  physiology & kinesiology in relation to massage, health, pathology, and healing. Prerequisites: Learning Strategies or permission

Experiential Anatomy & Physiology 2

AP2 - 32 hours - This course provides the knowledge of the rest of the body's systems, the design of the body, and the effects of stress on the body. Students finish their study of the anatomy ,  physiology & kinesiology of the body's systems in relation to massage, health, pathology, and healing. Among other topics, mind-body physiology and the tissue repair cycle are also studied. Prerequisites: Experiential Anatomy & Physiology 1 or permission

Experiential Anatomy & Physiology 3

AP3 - 32 hours - This course provides knowledge and understanding of the principles and pathologies specific to the myofascial and nervous systems. Additional topics covered include the mechanics of healing, proprioception, the mechanic of pain, theories of pathology, neuromyopathic cycles, and muscular pathologies. Prerequisites: Experiential Anatomy & Physiology 2 or permission

Therapeutic Relationships

TR - 28 hours - This course allows students to build professional quality therapeutic relationships that honor the client's needs, desires, perspectives, and process. Topics covered include the process of healing and change, professional boundaries, rapport skills, basic NLP skills, client outcomes, influencing with integrity, and more. Learning Strategies or permission

Therapy Integration 1

TI1 - 36 hours - This course introduces students to their major research projects and helps them to bring together and integrate all that they have learned at this point in the program. The focus will be on case studies, individual assessment, feedback, and integration. Prerequisites: Aligning With Purpose, Learning Strategies, Therapeutic Massage 1, Experiential Anatomy & Physiology 1, & Therapeutic Relationships

Therapy Integration 2

TI2 - 40 hours - As the student progresses through the program, this course provides the same quality experience through individual assessment, feedback, and integration as Therapy Integration 1. Students focus on increasing professionalism and effectiveness throughout this course. Prerequisites: Therapy Integration 1, Experiential Anatomy & Physiology 3, Assessment Skills, The Body Metaphoric, & Transformational Neuromuscular Therapy 1

Therapy Integration 3

TI3 - 20 hours - This course provides the students with their final follow up on their major research projects and helps them to bring together and integrate all that they have learned in the program. The focus will be on final case studies, final individual assessment, program feedback, and final integration. Prerequisites: All other CMT program courses

Assessment Skills

ASK - 24 hours - This course teaches the sensitivity and techniques needed for massage therapists to accurately sense the conditions of the body. Topics covered include palpation skills, muscle condition assessment, posture assessment, range of motion assessment, and movement and gait assessment. Students will find that this information greatly adds to their understanding of the body and what is happening beneath their hands. Prerequisites: Experiential Anatomy & Physiology 1, CMT, or permission

The Body Metaphoric

BM - 28 hours - This course is based on how the energy of life is manifested and expressed through the physical body. Students learn to think and understand the body, and how we use the body, metaphorically. This meta-level of thought provides valuable information from the unconscious, through the body, to the consciousness. This information is often not available during usual conscious self-assessment and therefore requires the input of another system of thought. Participants are given a model of exploration to discover these metaphoric messages as well as lists of some of the common interpretations. Supportive learning aids are available. No prerequisites

Transformational Neuromuscular Therapy 1

T-NMT1 - 52 hours - This course provides foundational neuromuscular theory, principles, muscle strokes, and experiences. This form of neuromuscular therapy is uniquely effective and provides the opportunity for clinical or mindbody applications. Clients find themselves releasing deep held tensions from the myofascial system as well as creating self-supportive and healing neuro-pathways of thought and movement. Topics covered include basic muscle stroke patterns, basic muscle stroke movement patterns, specific muscle strokes, and posture conditions. Prerequisites: The Body Metaphoric, Therapeutic Massage 2, Experiential Anatomy & Physiology 3, CMT, or permission

Transformational Neuromuscular Therapy 2

T-NMT2 - 52 hours - This course continues the area of study begun in Transformational Neuromuscular Therapy 1. Additional muscle strokes and patterns are taught and pain mechanisms are reviewed in the context of muscle therapy. Students begin to explore integrated movement patterns during this class and they study additional posture conditions. Prerequisites: Transformational Neuromuscular Therapy 1 or permission

Transformational Neuromuscular Therapy 3

T-NMT3 - 48 hours - This course enhances and integrates the area of study covered in Transformational Neuromuscular Therapy 1 and 2. In addition to more muscle strokes and patterns, students learn trigger point therapy, practical muscle testing, multiple session patterns, working with common injuries, more posture conditions, and case studies. Prerequisites: Transformational Neuromuscular Therapy 2 or permission

Assisted Stretching

AS - 34 hours - This course teaches several effective, efficient, and safe methods to stretch the myofascial system. These techniques release tensions, improve proprioception, create better balance in muscle groups and systems, and increase the range of motion. Student will know which techniques will bring the best results for the presenting symptoms of the client. This information greatly increases the massage therapist's effectiveness and ability to facilitate her/his client's myofascial healing. Prerequisites: Experiential Anatomy & Physiology 2 & Assessment Skills or CMT or permission

Internal Organ Massage & Balancing

IO - 38 hours - This course teaches techniques for assisting the healing of the internal organs that include massaging the organs, mobilizing the organs, clearing areas that disturb or relate to the organs, and many reflexes that stimulate the physiological functioning of the organs. Concepts and techniques are explained in depth and practiced in class. Easy to follow handouts contain the class information as well as contraindications, cautions, and symptom information about each organ. This course is a must for a thorough massage therapist. Prerequisites: Transformational Neuromuscular Therapy 1 or CMT or permission

* The Language Of Relaxation

LD - 30 hours - This course teaches how to compose your language to best facilitate your client's own internal experience. These language patterns, based on the work of Milton Erickson, Dawna Markova, and the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, have been molded to best fit the needs of bodyworkers and healers. The Language of Relaxation can be used during any type of bodywork session and is a necessary component of effective relaxation, inner exploration, and process work. Supportive learning aids are available. Prerequisites: Learning Strategies & Therapeutic Relationships or CMT or permission

* Transforming Trauma

TT - 38 hours - This course teaches a safe, confidential, and effective technique for changing stressful internal relationships to traumatic events. The shift of that relationship often brings deep release of holding patterns in the myofascial system as well as a very deep relaxation. Students learn trauma theory, symptoms, and contraindications and compare several techniques. A technique of accessing the body's own knowing helps the practitioner and receiver discover the events that seem to be traumatic, and which events would be appropriate to deal with at the time. Techniques focus on safety and personal ecology as they help release the energy held by trauma and make it available for more generative personal applications. This course brings greater depth and effectiveness to the art of massage therapy. Prerequisites: Program enrollment or CMT or permission

* BodyGuide EnergyWork

EW - 32 hours - This course teaches a form of energy work that is based on the body's innate powers of manifestation and expression. This technique is a graceful balance of logic and intuition that most clients can easily understand. Powerful and responsive to the client, this technique can be used in any bodywork or process oriented sessions, or may be used as a complete, stand-alone facilitation. Still allowing the therapist to explore their intuitions, it is effective at even its simplest level. Prerequisites: The Body Metaphoric or permission

* Aligning With Purpose

P - 16 hours - Using several different methods of discovery, this course helps students reconnect with their sense of purpose in life and how their time at MountainHeart can best serve that purpose. Students can then align the focus of their classroom time, research projects, practice sessions, and personal growth sessions to be more purposeful for them. This course is great for anyone. No prerequisites

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